Research Interest

To apply Remote Sensing for global Environment and Disaster Study using Satellite Imagery in South-East Asia, the Pacific and other regions and promote Geoinformatic education and capacity building to new generation for global green biodiversity preservation and balancing


1. Global Environment and Disaster Monitoring
  • Thermal Remote Sensing
    • Earth/Land Surface Temperature (LST)
    • Active Fire / Wild Fire / Forest Fire / Burn Area
    • Drought
    • Volcano Eruption
    • Greenhouse Gases Emission Detection and monitoring
    • Global Warming / Climate Change
    • Solar Energy
  • Remote Sensing and Oceanography
    • Sea Surface Temperature (SST)
    • Chlorophyll-a Concentration,
    • Ocean Color Monitoring
    • Sediment estimation
    • Water Quality
  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing
    • Air Quality, Dust Storm monitoring
    • Automatic Clouds Detection
    • Atmospheric Correction
  • Urban Environment Study
  • Cryosphere Remote Sensing using MODIS
    • Snow, Ice and Glacier Cover Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing, GIS for Public Health
    • Epidemology

2. System Development

  • Near-Realtime Automatic Remote Sensing Imagery Processing System
    • System Design and Development with the following characteristics:
      • Apply Computational Sciences
      • Fully Automatic
      • Near Real-time mode
      • Multi-temporal resolution / Time-Series
      • Multi-spatial resolution (from low to high resolution)
      • Big Data Parallel Processing
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